Video: Life After the Storm

How one woman's determination helped her rebuild her home and future after Hurricane Harvey

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A career in the skilled trades is more than just a job. High earning potential, independence, and opportunities for growth make it a smart pursuit in today's economy. For former Lowe's associate Kelley Kurtz, graduating from Lowe's Track to the Trades carpentry program meant a new perspective, and the chance to rebuild her life after Hurricane Harvey.

When Hurricane Harvey struck Hitchcock, Texas in 2017, the home Kelley shared with her four-year-old daughter and family was severely damaged after ending up partially underwater. Like many other Texans, the catastrophe left her life upside down - the storm destroyed her home, car, and many personal items, but not her will or determination.

Kelley entered Track to the Trades hoping to gain practical carpentry skills to guide the renovation process.  Instead, she found a new career and a new way to be a role model for her daughter. Kelley became the first graduate to accept a role outside of Lowe's, assisted by Track to the Trade's active matching and mentorship process and is now a successful project manager. Watch the video below to hear her story.


In the next decade will see the creation of 3.5 million jobs for skilled craftspeople. Track to the Trades offers Lowe's employees an opportunity for a paid pre-apprenticeship, academic coaching, and placement into a full-time skilled trades career. Together with Generation T and people like Kelley Kurtz, we're redefining the skilled trades for the modern era.  Kelley found hope through a new calling in the skilled trades. What will you find?

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