Exploring The Skilled Trades

3 Myths Killing The Skilled Trades

Jason Burns
Sr Content Strategist

Posted 04/20/2019

What you think you know about the skilled trades could be keeping you from a high-paying career with plenty of perks and benefits. Check out these three myths that are slaying the skilled trades and potentially keeping you from your best life.

Myth 1: The Pay Is Poor

There’s a cultural consensus that to make a decent salary, you need a college degree and a job sitting behind a desk running numbers — or playing Solitaire. But this isn’t actually true.

Many jobs in the skilled trades pay very well, with some experienced workers clearing $100,000 a year.

Plus, when you factor out the student loans …

Myth 2: Working in Skilled Trades Requires Strenuous Labor

When most people think about trades, they see a man hauling heavy objects or swinging a big hammer.

This view isn’t very accurate. Though there are jobs in trades for those who like hands-on work, trades jobs are often much more about problem-solving and communication skills — not brute force.

Myth 3: No Opportunities for Advancement

A common misconception about skilled trade jobs is that they’re a dead end. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trades jobs offer some of the best possibilities for growth.

And since so few people are choosing skilled trade careers, the demand for master tradespeople is only going to go up. Construction manager jobs are growing at a rate higher than the national average, for example, and the need for plumbers is growing even faster.

Tradespeople who have mastered their skill can also choose to continue to work their way up at their current job or start their own company. Wondering what your career might look like in the skilled trades? Take our trade skills assessment and find out.