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7 Blue-Collar Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

Laureston Hawley
Sr. Editor

Posted 06/28/2019

If you’re new to the skilled trades world, you should check out Instagram. That’s right – it’s a great place to connect, engage and learn from people working in the trades. From plumbers to HVAC installers and framers, there’s a huge community of blue-collar pros sharing their knowledge and you have the ability to pick up inside information from these folks with your phone.

Here’s our list of seven blue-collar accounts you should be following:


1. @chicintheyellowhardhat


A post shared by Erin Hopke (@chicintheyellowhardhat) on

Are you new to the job site? Good – so is @chicintheyellowhardhat. Back in May of 2018, Erin declared herself “the greenest of green” on her first Instagram post. But over time, Erin has built (pun intended) an amazing Instagram account full of her hurdles, her firsts, her setbacks, and her wins. Follow along with Erin if you’re just starting out and looking to not feel alone in the process. Plus, her husband, @a_and_e_designs, makes some killer cameos with the consistent #jobsiteshenanigans.


2. @paint_life_1904


A post shared by Michael (@paint_life_1904) on

We’re celebrating Spray Day with @paint_life_1904. Topcoat, primer, clear coat, staining – he’s doing it all and loving life while he’s doing it. From tools to products, he’s giving shout-outs to his favs to make your life navigating the isles a little easier. Celebrate with us and comment on his posts, he’s always asking for input.


3. @modernmilt


A post shared by CHRIS M. | CARPENTER (@modernmilt) on

Do you get caught in oddly satisfying Instagram traps? Then you should definitely follow @modernmilt. His Instagram posts are quick, straight to the point and are often oddly satisfying to watch. He’ll teach you about products but also show you how satisfying blue-collar work is.


4. @georgetheplumber


A post shared by George Dejesus (@georgetheplumber) on

@georgetheplumber is turning #worklife into #plumbinglife with his Instagram account. Get a day-in-the-life look at what it’s really like to be a plumber from flipping hacks to water heaters and everything in-between.


5. @hoosiersheetmetal


A post shared by Jim Land (@hoosiersheetmetal) on

Ductwork, HVAC installations, and sheet metal are @hoosiersheetmetal’s game, and his account gives a behind-the-scenes look at the trials of his work. One of our favorite quotes? “The air will go ‘weeeee’ on the way around the corner.” Take a look to see what projects he’s up to and the sleek custom work he’s doing.


6. @drdecks


A post shared by DrDecks (@drdecks) on

If you’re ready to nerd out on some amazing deck installations, look no further than @drdecks. Truly a master of his craft, you can pick up a thing or two from this account on tools, types of products and decking techniques.


7. @awesomeframers


A post shared by Tim Uhler (@awesomeframers) on

“Are you not entertained?!” is what @awesomeframers may ask himself when creating content. You better expect belly laughs mixed in with incredible framing tips and techniques from this impressive team. Bonus points: all of the incredible jams the team uses for “inspiration” on the job site can be found on their curated Spotify playlist here. Simply put, Tim and his team want you to pump up the jobsite jams and do an awesome job while you do it.

These are just a few of the many Instagram accounts highlighting their incredible blue-collar work. Want to find more? Check out #bluecollarlife, #keepcraftalive and share your story on Instagram with #WeAreGenerationT