Personal Journeys

From Psychology To Woodworking: Her Leap To The Skilled Trades

Laureston Hawley
Sr. Editor

Posted 07/09/2019

Brandi Radulovich knew she wanted to help people. She knew she wanted to learn what made people tick and what drove their decisions. That’s why she pursued a career in psychology as a Mental Health Therapist. Fast forward to now, Radulovich owns a thriving woodworking business. How’d she make the jump? 

Randulovich was a clinical director, had interns reporting to her and had a steady base of clients; that’s when it all started. She had reached a point in her career when her priorities began to shift. “I was missing time with my kids. I really wanted to be a part of their lives more,” said Radulovich. On the outside, her career looked like it was thriving, but she was brave enough to follow her gut. That’s when she closed down her practice and came home to be with her family. 

During this time, the family was supported by one income, and budgets got a little bit tighter. “We needed an entryway table, and we couldn’t afford it at the time,” said Radulovich. So, Radulovich found some gumption and decided to take a stab at building the entryway table herself. “I knew nothing of what I was doing, including measurement and dimensions. By the time I was finished, the table was huge. It was way too big for our space.” So, Radulovich found someone locally interested in buying it and sold that piece. That same person custom ordered another piece, too. “So, I started building more pieces for her, and she referred me to others. And, it just spiraled into a business,” said Radulovich.

From understanding what makes people tick, to find what makes her tick, Radulovich discovered her passion for making something out of nothing. “If someone came to me for advice, I would say find your passion and go for it. And, if you want to build something or make something you can do it. It may take time, you might fail, and that’s okay. The more often you fail, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll progress,” said Radulovich.