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Gen T Takes On The Bottle Cap Challenge

Laureston Hawley
Sr. Editor

Posted 07/09/2019

The #BottleCapChallenge has taken the internet by storm and Generation Ters have not missed a beat. From quick lunch break videos to some friendly competition, the job site can turn into a viral sensation because we work hard AND play hard. Plus, round housing a water bottle in work boots is not easy, so we’re saluting those who took the challenge on the job site and we are rounding up our favorites from Twitter.


1. @ozmandis

A tape measure is your best friend on the job site. Always in your back pocket, ready to make sure you measure twice so you only have to cut once. Well, this best friend even has your back with a bottle cap. 

We give this 4/5 bottle caps


2. @b_radley84

Work smarter, not harder. “Engineers are equally adept and are able to find a more logical way, all about measuring the distance to perfection.” We couldn’t agree more. 

We’re giving this 3/5 bottle caps


3. @eliasthruston

Think a high kick in work boots would be a problem? Fat chance. This warehouse #BottleCapChallenge is “poppin”. 

We’re giving this 4/5 bottle caps


4. @Ericlevi7

We’re starting to think work boots may be the trick to the #BottleCapChallenge. Full rotation in the kick on a Gatorade bottle? 

We’re giving this 5/5 bottle caps. 


Have you taken the #BottleCapChallenge on the job site? Let us know and tag us in your posts on social media.