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These 3 Tradeswomen On Instagram Are Killing It: Here's Why

Jason Burns
Sr Content Strategist

Posted 05/30/2019

In the past, skilled trades were heavily dominated by men while women typically missed the opportunity to join this lucrative segment of the workforce. This meant women of the past rarely gained the kind of financial opportunities and satisfaction that come with working in the trades. Today, however, women are entering these well-paying fields and loving the lifestyle, as evidenced by these three tradeswomen who have amazing Instagram feeds.

1. A Tradeswoman With Family, Fingernails and a Future

When you visit the Instagram feed shared by momma_mac15, one of the first things that stand out is her love for her family. Her wall is filled with happy images of herself and the people in her life. She shares about the experience of being a woman of trade, shows you can work hard and still have amazing fingernails in one of the images and explains that she wants to inspire other girls to join the building trade.

2. Natural Living and Teaching Others to Build

You get a chance to learn about homesteading, natural living and carpentry when you visit the Instagram feed of wildabundance. This tradeswoman runs a permaculture and homesteading school, plus she builds tiny houses and teaches others her skills. Her Instagram feed includes stunning images of people living a natural, healthy lifestyle.


3. Showing the Building Process

One of the really exciting parts of the Instagram feed shared by naturalcarpentry is that you get to see the works in progress. You get to see the type of work being performed, and you get to see this tradeswoman in action, with a hammer in her hand in one shot and walking across a board on a roof in another. This inspiring feed is great to check out because you get a feeling for how much this builder enjoys her work.

These are just a few of the many tradeswomen who have great Instagram feeds that inspire and teach about the talented women who work in skilled trades. You can find more examples of women who work in skilled trades by visiting one of the groups on Instagram, like tradeswomenofinstagram or by entering #tradeswomen in the Instagram search bar.