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Top Entry Level Construction Jobs: No Experience Needed

Jason Burns
Sr Content Strategist

Posted 04/20/2019

Whether you want to start earning money quickly, you have no patience for any more schooling, or you want to make a quick change in the trajectory of your career life, entry-level jobs with no experience needed are a godsend. Specifically, in the skilled trades field, there are plenty of entry-level construction jobs that will immediately start providing you with checks after your first day on the job, learning as you go.

If you want to circumvent student debt and start immediately building up your financial future, here are the top entry-level construction jobs with no experience required today:

1. Carpentry Construction

This kind of construction entails setting up and tearing down tools on the job site, carrying equipment to and from the destination, organizing machinery, and learning carpentry basics. While you are performing a much needed physical support function for the construction team, you will slowly learn everything you need to know about running your own carpentry business. In the mean-time, you’ll get paid, and there’s zero prior experience required.

2. Tile Setter

This job entails applying tile to both floors and walls. Tile has quickly become one of the most popular materials used in home and commercial construction. From new construction to remodeling to new additions, tile can and is being used virtually everywhere. Get a job with a seasoned tile setter and you will quickly learn how to estimate, set and finish tile projects of all any size and type.  Once trained it will be easy to create your own business.  The demand is significant and growing daily.

3. Landscaping

With this job, you will surely be thrown right into the action. From weed-whacking to mowing, and to pulling up weeds, these easy tasks will be provided to you immediately upon starting. From there, you will be trained in mulching, snow plowing, ice removal, and other services that require machinery. Depending upon the residential or commercial nature of your company, you may even learn the art of landscape design, plant selection, and hardscaping. By doing the job you will eventually learn enough to run your own landscaping company one day.

4. Masonry

Doing everything from building stone and brick walls to walkways and patios, masons are trained in proper installation techniques through hands-on experience. You will immediately be accepted into the position where you will learn, over time, how to help lay out stone and brick, move materials on the job site, and more.

5. Roofing

Upon starting a roofing construction job, you will be asked to manage dumpster space, tear up old roofs, carry materials on the job site, and perform basic installation techniques you can learn in a day or two. Over time, you will learn everything there is to know about roofing directly through hands-on experience.

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It can be hard trying to break out into an industry that requires experience – when no one will give you the experience! That’s why you should consider these five construction jobs that will immediately provide you with a chance for a lucrative future. Learn more about these and other jobs by going to our trades page.