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Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprentice Program

The program combines college coursework with paid, on-the-job training, and leads you to your certification as an Advanced Manufacturing Technician.

  • You'll receive approximately 1,800 hours of on-the-job training and work experience
  • You'll enjoy potentially zero student-loan debt
  • You'll gain opportunities for full-time employment with a sponsoring employer and
  • You can also choose to continue our education in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering at an AME-participating engineering university or in Advanced Manufacturing Business at Northwood University.

Am I eligible to apply?

  • Are you a high school senior with an expected graduation date of May or June or a recent high school graduate?
  • Did you score
  • 19 or higher on the math portion of the ACT?
  • 18 or higher on the English portion of the ACT?
  • 20 or higher on the reading portion of the ACT?
  • Do you have a sincere interest in pursuing a career in manufacturing?
  • If so, we want you to apply!

Is the AMT really for me?

If you enjoy technology, tools, working with your hands, and solving big problems, we encourage you to apply.  The AMT isn't for everybody, and application to the program is competitive. But for those who are accepted, it's the start of an excellent career.

What degree will I earn?

You ll earn your Associates in Applied Science in Industrial Maintenance Technology Advanced Manufacturing Technician Track.  It ll take you five semesters to finish, and it s comprised of 68 to 71 AMT credit hours.

What will I learn?

  • You ll be covering topics like electricity, robotics, fluid power, mechanics, fabrication, 
  • You'll also work in manufacturing core exercises like safety culture, visual workplace organization, lean manufacturing, problem solving and machine reliability.
  • Other exercises will cover the six professional behaviors: work attendance, initiative, diligence, interpersonal relations, teamwork, and verbal and written communication.

What will my week look like?

You'll attend class two full days at Jefferson and you'll also work 24 hours each week at a sponsor's facility.  Don't worry, you ll be paid a competitive wage and you're getting valuable hands-on work experience.

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More about GE Appliances, a Haier company


GE Appliances, a Haier company, creates “good things, for life” through our passion for great appliances and the happiness they can bring to every household. We’re shaping the evolution of life in the home because we believe there is always a better way.

Born in the USA, GE Appliances is growing and investing across America, expanding our nine manufacturing facilities, employing 12,500 people and partnering with more than 1,700 U.S.-based suppliers. Beyond North America, we are a global leader through Haier, our parent company.

Led by President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Nolan, our appliances are now in half of all U.S. homes, and our goal is to serve every family in the country.

By offering leading products across our House of Brands, we give people more choices for making their kitchens and homes amazing each day. Our distinctive brands appeal to every home, design or aesthetic, price point, lifestyle or technology preference. They include Monogram®CAFÉ™GE®GE Profile™Haierand Hotpoint.

Smart Home Leadership
GE Appliances is innovating the leading IoT (Internet of Things) platform to strengthen consumer relationships. As first manufacturer to offer a full suite of connected appliances, we pioneered IoT technologies, with an emphasis on open innovation. Our processes and products are interconnected, creating a smart ecosystem and homes that operate seamlessly and respond to a continuously changing environment.

As consumer adoption of smart home devices climbs, we’re leading the way with more than 400 connected products, as well as expanding partnerships with a growing number of leading consumer technology brands. To date, we’ve put 40 million connectable appliances out in the market. The impact of these efforts goes far beyond appliances. Through an enduring focus on smart home solutions, GE Appliances is creating a seamless, sustainable experience for consumers across the entire home, with an emphasis on life-enhancing, timesaving technologies.

Appliance Park, is GE Appliances’ 750-acre industrial park, that was established in Louisville, Kentucky in 1951. Home to more than 6,000 employees―including 900 design and manufacturing engineers―Appliance Park is the company’s largest manufacturing site. It includes five facilities that manufacture refrigerators and freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers and dryers. It is also home to Kentucky’s largest injection molding manufacturing facility.

Additional Manufacturing Sites
GE Appliances has manufacturing facilities in four additional states:

  • Decatur, Alabama – producing top-freezer refrigerators
  • LaFayette, Georgia – producing cooking products*
  • Selmer, Tennessee – producing Monogram built-in refrigerators, Zoneline® and packaged terminal air conditioners*
  • Camden, South Carolina – producing refrigeration products

Other U.S. Operations
GE Appliances has an expansive network of service and distribution centers strategically located throughout the U.S., including:

  • 4 call and dispatch centers
  • 12 area distribution centers (ADCs)
  • 4 parts distribution centers
  • 170 local delivery sites

Since its inception, GE Appliances has been driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, inherited from our founder, Thomas Edison. Employees are encouraged to follow their passions. Our business is structured in microenterprises that are zero distance from the customer, which unleashes creativity, promotes innovation and accelerates decision-making.

Living out this mindset across our global network of innovation centers, GE Appliances creates differently, shaping the future of the industry and the way people connect their homes and interact with their appliances. This enables us to identify and then infuse the latest innovations into our products and brands, with a purposeful focus on delivering tangible benefits that are meaningful to the people who rely on our products.

Our innovation network includes:

  • Two R&D centers in the U.S.
  • Mabe, a joint venture between GE and Mexican entrepreneurs.
  • FirstBuild, a global co-creation community backed by GE Appliances, consisting of a worldwide network of makers and doers focused on inventing the next big thing in home appliances. This socially engaged framework allows us to quickly conceive, design and manufacture products that will improve the lives of consumers. FirstBuild began in Louisville, Kentucky, and has since opened centers of excellence in Shanghai, China, and Hyderabad, India, and consists of more than 30,000 active online members.
  • Access to the global Haier technology centers.

About Haier
Founded in 1984, Haier is the No. 1 appliance leader in the world with more than $37 billion in annual revenue. Qingdao Haier, a subsidiary of the Haier Group, acquired GE Appliances in 2016 and currently employs more than 77,000 people worldwide and operates in 100 countries and regions. Its core products include kitchen, laundry, home and commercial heating and cooling, and home entertainment.

*Wholly-owned subsidiaries of GE Appliances