The Urban Electric Company

Craftsman Apprentice

The Apprentice works with Senior and Master Craftsman to learn the trade and processes required for producing luxury metal lighting fixtures.

The Urban Electric Company has grown over the last decade into a global presence in the shelter industry. We design, market and manufacture high-end, bench crafted lighting fixtures. The Apprentice works with Senior and Master Craftsman to learn the trade and processes required for producing luxury metal lighting fixtures.  The Apprentice will train in a primary skill in either Craft Assembly, Finishing or the Final Assembly area.  Additionally, Craftsman are expected to become flexible/agile employees by acquiring secondary skills in other major areas.  The Apprentice is just the first step on your journey through our Employee Advancement Program!  The ideal candidate enjoys working with their hands, seeing a job completed to high standards and on time, works well in a team environment, adapts well to change, is punctual and collaborates toward continuous improvement.

All Area Essential Functions

  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Attention to Detail
  • Team Commitment/Collaboration
  • Punctuality/Time Management
  • Downstream Customer Focus
  • Read and Comprehend Work Orders and Print Sets

Craftsman Assembly Area Essential Functions

  • Solder and assemble copper and brass lighting fixtures to exacting standards
  • Build metal fixtures according to print set specifications (square, symmetry, scale, etc.)
  • Utilize various tools (scale, clamps, jigs, drill press, lathe, drill, band saw, etc.)
  • Conduct preliminary preparation of metal surfaces for downstream customer

Craftsman Finishing Essential Functions

  • Utilize sanders, dremels, scratchpads, buffers, sandblasters, etc.) to prepare metal surfaces for appropriate finish
  • Disassemble and Reassemble lighting fixture components
  • Use dip tanks and appropriate process to achieve Oxidation, Polish or Distressed finish
  • Apply standard and custom paint, lacquer and other coatings to lighting fixtures
  • Ensure proper finish is applied to lighting fixture components per work orders

Craftsman Final Assembly Essential Functions works with Senior and Master Specialist to learn the trade and processes required to wire, glass and pack the metal lighting fixtures.

  • Cut and fit various types of glass to bench crafted lighting fixtures
  • Physically wire and test lighting fixtures in accordance with product specifications and codes
  • Pack and/or crate completed fixtures for world-wide shipment
  • Knowledge of trade-specific tools relating to electrical, glass or wiring


  • Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • Good hand/eye coordination and dexterity
  • Ability to wear PPE as required

We are looking for long-term employees that desire to join a stable, growing and unique local company.  Often, we find individuals with a background or hobby in carpentry, cabinet making, woodworking, auto paint/body, culinary, HVAC, electrical wiring or manufacturing plant assembly have transferrable skills that translate well into our manufacturing environment.  Are you our next long-term team member?

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More about The Urban Electric Company

We make it our mission to recruit and retain highly skilled and passionate individuals. Because we have a genuine respect for the talents and story of every member of our team, our culture attracts a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds to compose an eclectic and fun atmosphere. Each of our company’s products is bench-made and hand-finished at our 120,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Charleston, which houses the talented engineers, sales and marketing professionals, designers, and craftsmen who make up our team. We pride ourselves on manufacturing processes that secure the growth and sustainability of artisanal craft for the future by using modern techniques that enhance and refine the hand-build approach as opposed to replacing it.