Installation Services LLC

Flooring Installer

We offer a path to becoming a certified flooring installer through a trade school using CFIs curriculum.

After graduating this 5-6 week program the individual will be a flooring installer. We have 4 categories. Each student will recieve a 2 year contract with Installation Services with a set of tools upon graduating.

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More about Installation Services LLC

My name is Dave Garden, I own Installation Services LLC with my wife. Our main office is in Troy MI. However, we have locations throughout Michigan and extend to Fort Wayne IN. I have been in the floorcovering trade over 30 years. I grew up as the guy who couldn't sit still in school. College was not for me. I was the perfect person for the trades. I chose floorcovering due to a friend of the family who was an installer. I started as an installer as a teenager and eventually went on to own a large installation workroom.

Our company now provides work for almost 200 installers, their crews and their families. As an installer myself I have always put pride into the relationships we maintain with our workforce. Many whom have worked for us for 15 years or more.
I got involved with CFI (International Certified Floorcovering Installers) in the 1990's. The immediate goal was to identify good installers and assign them a skill level. We came to understand the mission was much deeper though. We need to restock a trade with talent.

We have built a school in our Troy, MI warehouse. We have a curriculum that can take someone without any knowledge of our trade and teach them to install floors on their own in 5-6 weeks. Students who pass will receive a set of tools to embark upon a new career.