Windy City Equipment Service, Inc

Apprentice/Pm Technician

Apprentices Welcome!

Education / Experience 

  • A minimum one (1) year of education and/or experience in hot & cold side commercial food service equipment repair
  • A minimum two (2) years of education and/or experience in customer service

Required Licenses / Certifications 

  • Valid Driver License
  • CFESA Certification and any others a plus, but not required
  • EPA Universal Certification

Required Skills 

  • Systems Evaluation, Equipment Maintenance, Equipment Selection, Installation, Operation Monitoring, Quality Control Analysis, Repairing, Troubleshooting, Time Management, Service Orientation
  • Ability to read wiring diagrams and parts schematics
  • Ability to use designated smart phone & tablet applications
  • Strong Customer Service and Communication Skills
  • Strong conflict resolution skills and ability to make educated decisions

Job Description & Expected duties

To perform day to day diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance on commercial restaurant equipment HVAC and refrigeration

Expectations are as follows:

  • Intelligently and efficiently perform routine maintenance on commercial restaurant equipment/HVAC/Refrigeration
  • Keep open availability and be willing to work when necessary (there may be PMs scheduled overnight, early morning, evening, weekends, etc) as well as helper/training opportunities that are after hours.
  • Use the provided communication software as instructed via tablets and smart phones
  • Follow all safety and performance guidelines as noted in the employee manual
  • Report directly to Service Manager
  • To perform good quality work and operate within the framework of Windy City’s policies
  • To maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times when interacting with coworkers, customers, and vendors
  • To communicate diligently with WCE staff and Customers to make sure each and every job is seen through to absolute completion
  • To work in a humble manner and portray the type of attitude that we want to receive from any and all employees of Windy City Equipment
  • To be a part of all training provided by Windy City including reading materials that may be required by Windy City Equipment or out-of-state manufacturer classes
  • To continuously and consistently be willing to challenge yourself to improve
  • To have an open mind and aid in the growth and expansion of Windy City Equipment
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