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Introduction To Craft Skills Training

Introduction to Craft Skills helps people interested in the construction industry learn the basic skills needed to enter the industry. We will also help match you with a great employer.

The NCCER Core Curriculum Intro to Craft Skills is a prerequisite to all other Level 1 craft curriculum. Its modules cover topics such as Basic Safety, Communication Skills and Introduction to Construction Drawings.

Completing this curriculum gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft area he or she chooses.

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More about Ground Up Construct

Ground Up Construct mission is to inspire, educate and offer career opportunities in the construction industry.  Our web platform is built to help people working or interested in the construction industry find the best employers in the industry.  As the skilled labor shortage worsens contractors are doing more than ever to attract and retain their workforce.  Our goal is to help employers buiild a workforce for the future of their business through our platform.  We believe that the best companies in the industry have the best employees.  A solid partnership between employer and employeee creates the best team possible.  Build Whats Next!