Hope Renovations

Women's Trades Training Program

We will be launching our women's trades training program in early Fall 2019!  If you live in or near Orange County, NC, please check out www.hoperenovations.org for more details and to apply!

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More about Hope Renovations

Did you know that the construction trades have the smallest gender pay gap of any industry in the US? 

Women earn 97 cents to a man's dollar - it's almost even.

But did you also know that 96% of jobs in the trades are filled by men?

It's time to change all that.

HOPE RENOVATIONS provides skills training, resources and support to underemployed women so they can pursue living-wage careers in the trades.

We're helping women rise out of poverty while addressing the critical workforce shortage in the trades.

Our trainees receive industry-recognized Pre-Apprenticeship training that will give them the core skills they need to confidently work on a job site.

However, we believe job skills aren't enough.  So we've designed a program that prepares women not just to be great workers, but to be well-prepared leaders!

Trainees also receive:

  • Soft skills training (like communication, conflict resolution, and employment rights and harassment)
  • Personal finance coaching
  • Health and physical fitness coaching (including a gym membership!)
  • Career-readiness training (like resume and interview preparation)

Our trainees will also hear from multiple guest speakers, successful tradeswomen and female business owners from the industry who can give a real-world preview of what to expect in the trades.

In addition, women in our program will recieve one-on-one social work case management, to help them connect to resources that will help them navigate barriers to employment like childcare, transportation, financial obstacles and health needs.

But no proper skills training program would be complete without an on-the-job practice component... so to ensure our trainees have the opportunity to get their hands dirty, Hope Renovations has an innovative model that will make it the first of its kind

Our trainees get their on-the-job experience via our repair and renovation work for older adults who want to spend their golden years in their own homes - it's a win-win!

According to the AARP, 87% of older adults want to grow old in their own homes.  However, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 60% of older adults live in a home that is more than 20 years old – which means that repairs and renovations are often needed as these individuals grow older and their physical needs change. 

So we thought... what better place for our trainees to get their on-the-job experience?

We're bringing women and seniors together to tackle some big problems.  But we are hopeful that, together, we can build better futures for everyone - and we hope you will join us!