The Pledge

We Pledge to Create a New Generation of the Building Trades

Generation T is a collective of organizations committed to change an international narrative gone wrong -- that the building trades are a default career.

Together we can change the perception of the trades and the way people perceive their career options. We want to give them confidence to pursue a career that's meaningful, creative, flexible and provides mastery with ample opportunities for growth.

We want to tell the whole truth about "making it" in modern society. The building trades will increasingly shape the places we live and love. We want to influence our education system and help bring back the trades in order to encourage today and tomorrow's future workforce and potentially widen the middle class.

By signing this pledge, your organization is committed to:

  • Changing the perception of the trades, within your organization and out
  • Dedicating efforts to future students and recent graduates of the trades
  • Commit to educating and hiring a diverse and inclusive skilled trades workforce.