Floor Installers

Floor covering installers install carpet, wood, linoleum, vinyl and other resilient floor coverings in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

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Flooring installers are a critical part of the construction industry. They prepare, inspect, measure and prepare surfaces for flooring installation as well as inspect and repair damaged floor coverings.


$60,250 is the median annual salary, but many flooring installers are paid by the square foot rather than hourly. This means your earning potential can be in excess of $100,000.



Depending on the surface they’re working on, today’s flooring installers work with adhesives, staples and stretching tools.



Flooring installers use their creative skills in designing unique flooring options for clients and to help with difficult installations.


Flooring installers can work independently, with a union, or as part of a construction company.



Flooring installers must identify and quickly work through complex installation situations.



Flooring installers can specialize in residential and commercial Flooring.

What Does a Flooring Installer Do?

A flooring installer can be charged with designing, measuring and installing carpet, vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, and laminate flooring, although they may be trained to fit other types of flooring as well. Many professional flooring installers specialize in a specific type of flooring.

Flooring installers must have a working knowledge of mathematics, including measurements. Attention to detail is essential. Flooring installers also need to physically be able to spend long hours doing frequent lifting, stretching, and bending.

What Does It Take to be a Flooring Installer?

There are no formal educational requirements to become a flooring installer. Most flooring installers learn the trade through on-the-job training as an assistant to a more experienced flooring installer. Some flooring installers learn the trade through more formal training programs at a vocational school or community college. In general, most flooring installers possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

How Much Does a Flooring Installer Earn?

The median salary income for a flooring installer today is valued at $60,250. Starting out around $40,900, flooring installers can earn as much as $100,000 per year for their valued services. Many flooring professionals, however, get paid by the square foot.