HVAC Techs

They provide us with healthier indoor air quality and climate control regardless of the elements outside. HVAC techs give us the ability to always be in sync with our surroundings.

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From the hot deserts in the Southwest to the wintery, wooded Northeast, HVAC techs ensure comfort in every home, office and commerce center.


$57,600 is the median salary, but many top HVAC technicians can earn more than $100,000..



Most units run on electricity, gas, solar power and/or computer technology.



HVAC techs are creative in an energy-conscious way, like how to lower expenses.


An HVAC tech works independently in most cases.



HVAC systems are complex and require quick thinking to promptly restore comfort.



Variety of work is increasing as solar, wind and geothermal technologies grow.

What Does an HVAC Tech Do?

HVAC techs design, install, maintain, diagnose and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings.

They have extensive training and knowledge in heat transfer principles, airflow conservation, thermodynamics and electronics. They collaborate with general contractors and carpenters during new construction installation and are often involved in the finished and post-build processes to ensure all systems are operating effectively.

Many HVAC techs specialize in specific areas of expertise such as ventilation or cooling, while others are experts in all aspects of HVAC design and implementation.

What Does It Take to Be an HVAC Tech?

Aspiring HVAC techs often attend a trade or vocational school for two years. Online trade school is an excellent alternative for non-traditional students who have other responsibilities like full-time employment or family obligations.

Courses include electricity management for HVAC systems, heating applications, refrigeration systems, gas and electric heating, air conditioning control principles, EPA certifications, blueprint reading and much more.

How Much Does an HVAC Tech Earn?

The median salary for an HVAC tech is approximately $57,600, but can vary based on location, field and experience. Top HVAC technicians can make $100,000 or more, particularly due to the high demand for emergency services at a premium cost.

The job outlook is expected to grow by at least 15% or more, as housing and commercial property demand rises throughout the United States.