Virtually every house and building in the U.S. features painted or wallpapered surfaces. In fact, paint is used on both the inside and outside of most structures. Why? Because it not only beautifies surfaces but it also protects them.

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Painters usually work alone or are in small teams and are generally one of the last of the trades to work on a project.


$39,150 a year on average



Painters are required to understand the basics of interior and exterior design .



Painters not only apply the finished product but also consult with clients on color pallets.


Painters can work independently, with a union, or as part of a construction company.



Painters will be called upon to troubleshoot tight spaces, corners, and other oddly designed areas.



Painting is a highly specialized field with several options for specialization.

What Does A Painter Do?

Painters are an important part of the skilled trades because they provide the exterior and interior finish of homes, offices, and buildings. They do this by applying sealers and paint to not only bring color and light to buildings but also keep the walls and foundation protected from wear and tear brought on by exposure to the elements.

Painters are responsible for more than just applying paint to a surface. Their job begins with consulting with the clients about the type of surface and optimal paint options, advising clients on color options, and preparing the surface for painting. They are also responsible for cleaning up the area and any paint spills that may have occurred.

Professional painters work for construction companies, contractors or building management companies and may paint houses, business structures or bridges. They must have a high school diploma or GED certificate and can benefit from an on-the-job apprenticeship or technical school training.

What Does It Take To Be A Painter

A good painter must be able to withstand the physical demands of the job. For some, this includes long hours with your arms extended in extreme climates. You should also have an excellent vision and be able to differentiate the differences among various hues and colors.

Another critical trait is attention to detail. Even the smallest mistakes in an application can be easily seen. Since many painters are self-employed, possessing excellent customer service skills is a must so you can get repeat customers or get recommendations from satisfied clients.

How Much Does A Painter Earn?

The median salary for a painter begins at $40,000 per year but can quickly go up based on the quality of work and the clientele you're working with.